Learn how to play world rhythms and improve your coordination, activate and upgrade your brain, and boost your self-confidence with fun neuroplasticity exercises.
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Workshops & Programs

Learn energizing, traditional world rhythms through fun neuroplasticity exercises.


For Adults

Learn how to play energizing world rhythms through language, movement, and fun neuroplasticity exercises that will challenge and supercharge your brain.


Boost your confidence, generate joy, and banish stress and anxiety with our empowering positive affirmations! 


For Seniors

We teach fun, slower-paced rhythms with gentle movements and simple brain exercises that help improve seniors’ motor function, increase their blood and oxygen circulation, activate their brains, and improve mental clarity. 


Seniors also learn positive affirmations that soothe the unique fears, anxiety, and depression around the difficulties of aging, and stimulate laughter and joy.


For Kids

Kids will have fun moving their bodies while playing world rhythms and learning fun brain games that will improve their coordination, boost their confidence, improve their ability to focus, and make their brains grow!



We teach energizing world rhythms and simple neuroplasticity exercises that support the LGBTQ+ community.  


This program helps LGBTQ+ individuals to reconnect to and feel at home in their bodies, to release emotional blockages, and to develop mindsets that can support them in times of adversity. 


We also teach empowering positive affirmations that specifically support those who may be struggling with feelings of confusion, anxiety, fear, loneliness, rejection, depression, and/or anger. 


They will learn how to boost their self-confidence, cultivate self-love, generate their own joy, and embrace and embody the beauty, power and uniqueness of their true selves.


For Women

This program is designed to help women embrace and embody the innate power and pleasure of their inner feminine.

We teach empowering techniques, specifically curated for us women, to help us free ourselves from the self-doubt, guilt, shame, rejection, anxiety, stress, fear, and/or depression that so many of us carry within us.  

Women will learn spicy, energizing world rhythms and fun neuroplasticity exercises that help them to reconnect to and feel at home in their bodies, release emotional blockages, activate and reprogram their brains. They will learn how to boost their self-confidence, cultivate self-love, generate their own joy, and reclaim their inner power.



Raise your energy level, get your heart pumping, and make those muscles work with our unique combination of high-intensity, rhythm-infused exercises.


Challenge and supercharge your brain with our fun neuroplasticity exercises. And boost your confidence, generate joy, and banish stress and anxiety with our empowering positive affirmations! 


Hi, I'm Carolina, better known as Mila Tina

For years, I struggled with issues relating to my childhood sexual abuse and sexual identity.  I struggled with anxiety, shame, lack of self-worth and self-love, feelings of abandonment, and fear of rejection.  For years, I worked hard trying to find the coping mechanisms and healing modalities that would help me survive and eventually thrive. I explored various self-help and self-development techniques that existed for women who had experienced struggles similar to mine.


Along my journey of healing and growth, I discovered my true passion: drumming. Since then, everything has changed. I later discovered that drumming is unlike any other form of musical expression in that it carries profound and scientifically proven health benefits. Several scientific studies have shown that playing drums can reduce stress and anxiety, improve cardio and mental health, and promote a general state of happiness.

After finding my passion, however, I encountered new challenges. I was confronted with significant discouragement and opposition about my ability to become a professional drummer, even from people I respected and admired.  But drumming was healing me.  It was where I found complete freedom, joy, and power…and I refused to live my life without it.

Soon after, I became a music instructor and life coach and dedicated myself to creating a learning system with programs that utilized all of the healing modalities, tools, and techniques that had helped me during my years of suffering and struggle. 

It is my mission to help others heal, boost their self-confidence, find their passion, and unleash their inner power, joy, and radiance.


Live Workshops

Due to Covid-19, we have limited our live (in-person) workshops. We are available to be booked for private events or private/semi-private sessions, and we are offering live online programs.

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Online Courses

Coming Soon!

Michael Mejia

"The [Drumanawé] workshop was incredible and heart-opening. It made me cry. The dynamic and the chemistry between the instructors was so beautiful.  It changed my life.”

Diana Osorio

It was a joy to experience the Drumanawe workshop. The energy being created and shared was exactly what I had been needing. There was a positive focus on self-empowerment, which is so fundamental for our healthy inner-growth. And when you are sharing this experience with a group of people all there together, the energy and power of the experience increases. I am grateful this beautiful space was created for all of us who had the pleasure to experience it.

Leah Colleluori

"I joined the Drumanawé workshop at Envision festival after getting drawn in by the intoxicating drum beat and words of affirmation being chanted. Drumanawé's unique sound provides an amazing base to sing and dance along to and creates a powerful vibratory experience. The rhythms paired with positive affirmations makes it so easy to drop into the practice anywhere, anytime!"

Forest Soleil

The Drumanawé workshop “was one of the most healing workshops I’ve had in a long time”

Nancy Lee Gerson

This workshop was fantastic! The music, the movement, the positive affirmations and the message were powerful. And I loved that it got me up and moving while also being spiritually satisfying. I can’t wait until their next offering!

Dolores Sanchez

"This workshop was so powerful, and for those who want to experience music and rhythm differently, it was incredible, fun and dynamic.  The instructors’ energies were so beautiful, joyful and inspiring.  This workshop helped me generate new energy within myself, and left me with a new perspective.  It motivated me to believe in myself and cultivate self-love.  I am so grateful for this experience."


Experience Drumanawé if you want to...

Learn Energizing World Rhythms

Learn how to play world rhythms, such as West-African, Latin, and Caribbean rhythms, by combining 2 simple tools.  No music experience necessary!

Boost Your Energy Level

Drumanawe’s unique combination of exercises will help boost your immune system, increase the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body, lower your blood pressure, improve your muscle control, activate and nurture your vagus nerve (the longest, most important nerve in your body), and help reduce fatigue and risk of illness.

Boost Your Self-Confidence & Inner Power

Learn these quick and simple techniques to change your state of being, so that your thoughts and words create a belief in yourself and your capabilities.  Cultivate self-compassion, gratitude, and love in your heart, which creates space for the growth of self-confidence and inner power.

Feel More At Home In Your Own Body

Improve your coordination and motor function with fun rhythm and neuroplasticity exercises. These empowering techniques will also help you (re)establish a healthy relationship with your body, cultivate self-love, and learn how to own your space.

Power Up Your Brain

Activate and reprogram your brain through simple but powerful brain exercises that stimulate neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (strengthening and creating new neural connections and pathways in your brain).

Experience States of Relaxation and Peacefulness

Try out our effective mindfulness techniques to reconnect with yourself, change your brain waves, and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you feel calm, safe, and happy.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

... and alleviate feelings of anger, fear, grief, and depression. Drumanawé exercises are designed to induce the production of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphin (our body’s natural painkillers and happy chemicals!).  You have the power to generate your own joy!

Increase Your Focus, Mental Clarity, And Productivity

Use simple rhythmic and brain training exercises to help yourself concentrate and become more productive!



Meet the Instructors

Carolina Fuentes (aka Mila Tina)

Mila Tina is a professional drummer, percussionist, dj, educator, and martial artist. Through her innovative mix of percussion, dance, martial arts, and visual design, Mila Tina challenges her audience with thought provoking performances and spiritually enlightening education material. Based in New York City, she is a fixture on the local scene where she puts on multi sensory performances, hosts in-person and online workshops, and is in constant demand as a professional percussionist.


Elizabeth Chavez

Elizabeth Chavez is a mind-body wellness and self-defense instructor, and a special education teacher.  She taught for a number of years at a middle school in the South Bronx, and she is currently an instructor for Brain Power Wellness, which teaches physical, emotional and cognitive exercises to improve focus, mindfulness, emotional wellness, and physical health. She has a background in Krav Maga, brain training, social-emotional intelligence, yoga, qigong, tai chi, sound healing, and meditation.

Get your FREE Drumanawé Video with 3 fun exercises that will power up your brain and boost your mood!

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